Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What is Google Docs and How Does It Work???

What is Google Docs and How Does It Work??

    Google doc is free web-based application free service provided by google. In google docs you can create and edit your documents, spreadsheets and many more and stored online. All files can be accessed from any computer, Smart phone, tablets with an internet connection and full-featured web browser. 

    There may be some confusion on the difference between google drive and google docs. Google lunch google drive to offer an alternative for other online shared documents but google doc is the web-based editing program that allows user to editing, creating and share through  a secure networking system.Google docs allows multiple versions of documents to stored and also allow the documents owner to determine what privileges are given to each users.It means that you have multiple viewers, editors on a single project. 

    Google drive is a cloud storage solution for storing files. Google drive is your personal file depository. Google drive is an extremely cost-effective way to store documents, music, picture and many more data or any other files that you can't afford to lose. 

     Some of major changes since the google drive lunch of google drive. You used to have google documents list. You have to know all of your files will be saved directly in the google drive.Google drive has multiple ways to find your files or any data. Since we are learning about Google Docs, let's drive in Google Docs topic,we will learn more about Google Drive in next post. 

Google Doc  

   To be a user of Google Docs, You must have a Gmail ID.Go a head and login your id and search for google docs in your browser and hit or click on google apps icon from top of the right side of your screen and choose Drive option from the panel box which appears on your screen.

It is very easy to use but you will see a lot application,files and many more provided by google. It is basically like Microsoft Office service provided by google you can store everything on online with 15 GB free space, 15 GB space is a lot space for store files and documents. For easy to use and share files with other people around the internet, create a new folder and store your all data. 

Let's go through step by step: 

  1. Open your browser and search google drive.
  2. Sing in to your gmail account.
  3. Go to google apps icon.
  4. Click on google icon and choose Drive.
  5. Go a head New tab or icon and click that icon.
  6. Enter your folder name and click on create icon.
  7. Find your folder and click on folder name.
  8. And click on New button icon and choose Google Docs. Google Docs is pretty much same like Microsoft Word, Google Sheets is like Microsoft Excel and Google Sliders is like Power Point.
  9. For now, Click on Google Docs.
  10. Type your documents or any text what ever you need to share with people or friends around the internet. It will be saved on the cloud.
  11.  All menus are very much like MS word,So you can easy to work or create your files.
  12. Since, Google drive automatically save your files in cloud, if you want change doc name, click on Untitled document tab and rename doc name.
  13. Go back to home page, click on Doc Home, located on left side top corner.
  14. For using other features will be the same methods above.
  15. To add another person or for share your file click on add icon with human sign.
  16. It will ask you email address enter their gmail address or may be they are associated with your files content just enter name and you also add permission by choosing the option.
  17. If you want to share your files than click on go to share link option and click. it will give you a kind of long link and add the email address and click on Done button. It will share your files with a link.
  18. If you want to share a whole file or documents click on folder and share your files.   



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