Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Is Computer Programming? Why learn Programming ??

      Computer programming is the processes of creating computer programs. A program is a set of instruction that tell a computer what to do. A program is created using programming language.Programming language is a language that can be used to communicate with a computer. Therefore a programming language is the equivalent of a language such English when it comes to communication with computers. There are several programming languages in existence today. For example :
  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Rubby 
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
       Many more .....

     Let's learn little bit deep about programming...
           - Unlike, Most other machines that can perform a finite set of predefined tasks. A computer is a general purpose machine that can perform any computational task. All you need to do is you to give it a program which is nothing but a set of instruction to perform a task. 

            A computer is nothing itself with out programs, all the tasks are performed through programs. A modern day computer would have thousands to ten thousands of programs in it. There are programs that manage the hardware resources of the computer. We call such programs are system programs and then there are programs that perform your favorite tasks, we call them application programs like example : A web browser that you use to browse the internet. If any of these programs can not perform the task that you want to perform you can write your own program by using programming language.

               As we know a program is a set of instruction or sequence of instruction that you would give to the computer and the computer would execute those instructions for you. 

                    Now, in that case what language ca i give these instruction to the computer? Can i give these instruction in a natural language? Here is the question comes up in your mind, As we know there are so many languages to write a program but you most choose correct language to build program which instruction understand by your computer. So you most heard that a computer understand binary language, binary is a language of computer. Binary is a number system that has only two digits '0' and '1'. The numbers system that we use has ten digits from '0' to '9' that we call decimal numbers. 

               So, why does computer understand binary or rather, why computers are designed to understand binary ? Because the reason is binary is really easy to simulate in actual physical design of things in real hardware. 

               Computer is an electrical device and it's really easy to create the logic of '0' and '1' is an electrical circuit.

              For example : If current is flowing through some wire that we can call it '1' but if there is not flowing current that is call '0'. If there same potential difference across a capacitor that is a 1 and there is no potential difference that is '0'.

              In general, '1' can correspond to some thing that exists and '0' can correspond to something that is not exist. 

The end... We will discuss more about programming in next blog..  


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