Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Enter Android Recovery & Factory reset on Android Devices ???

How to Enter Android Recovery & Factory reset ???

 Android factory reset is a feature of android operating system for android mobile devices, tablets or PC also. This features will erases all android device settings, user data, third-party application and also associated data from android operating system. When we do factory reset on device, device internal flash storage will return the new condition it was in when shipped from the factory.

   Now,Lets learn how to do factory reset an android devices. The following steps will cover you the whole process for factory reset methods. Be careful, If you want to back your all data to be easy for you make sure save your files or data before you start this process. Sometimes you can not even open your device at that at a time solution is just factory rest only. Depending on the Android device's make and model, factory reset does not usually erase data or application stored of SD cards or any removable storage. 

  1. First, Go a head and hold or press your power button and choose Power Off Option from your your device.
  2. And hit or choose yes or OK option.
  3. Let it power down on your device. 
  4. Next, Now hold your Home Button and hold volume Up + button and hold power at a same time.
  5. When you hold all 3 button together and wait few seconds you will see flash comes up on your device screen with blue light. When seen the screen with company logo on your screen then release the power button or let power button free.
  6. But keep holding volume up + with Home button until you receive some android information on your screen. 
  7. When you see the information on your screen with android logo then release the both button and now it's time to recover or reset your device.
  8. This is pretty simple to reboot your device but make sure hold correct buttons on your device. 
  9. So, You can do a lot different things from here but make sure apply the right option, what you need to done on your device. 
  10. For choosing the option, Use volume down - button.
  11. As we are going to learn enter android recovery and factory reset, we have to choose wipe data factory reset option from screen.
  12. When you select that option then apply that by pressing power button.
  13. And scroll down to choose yes, delete all user data option by pressing power button.
  14. Go head and choose the option yes, delete all user data because of if you have a problem with your device, may be virus effected, for cleaned up device and many more.. But remember if you apply this process, this process will delete data from device like password, user setting etc. 
  15. When you select that option the device will start formatting. It will take few minutes to complete. 
  16. Soon as done the formatting process then device will ask you to do more things on your device. 
  17. For suggestion, After factory reset or format the best thing to do for device is wipe partition by choosing the option.
  18. When you done with everything then choose option Reboot System Now and hit or press power button.
  19. After reboot your system or device could be take up to 10 minutes may be more after doing factory reset and wipe data. 
  20. After rebooting done then enter your settings on your system .          

    You all set and good to go !! Thank you see you on next Tips and Tricks Topic.. 


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