Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to Change Primary Email ID in Facebook ?

          Facebook is one of the biggest social media in the world. Facebook is an American for Profit Corporation and online social media and social networking service based in California. In 2003 – 2006 facebook was just starting period but from 2006 to till facebook is growing rapidly as a social media.
           As a user of facebook, sometimes, we got little bit problem in primary email account, Like you may want to change new email ID as a primary address. In meanwhile time, question will generate in our mind like – 
  1. How can I change my new email id in facebook?
  2. How do swap my old email id to new primary email in facebook?
  3. How can I delete my old email which is already log in facebook but I want change that new primary email id?
  4. How can I delete the email address that is labeled as a primary one on facebook?

Changing or delete facebook primary email is a very simple process that only takes about two to three minutes to complete task. In order to change primary email id in facebook, please follow the steps carefully.

1.Open facebook page and login to your account by entering your email and password.
2. Open your facebook “Settings
3. Go to https address bar in your browser and change “www” to “m” and -  press “Enter” from your keyboard.
4. Click on “General” button or link appears on facebook page.
5. Click on “Email” link or button.
6. Click on “Add another email address” link or button.
7. Type “Additional email address” in text box.
8. Type your “password” in password box.
9.  And click on “Add Email Address” button.
10. Then you will see notification from facebook at the top the page.
11. Now, you should Login to your email account to confirm your email   address which you want use make primary email.
12. Go to your email account and login to your account
13. If you are using Gmail account you will receive or find your    confirmation email on social tab
14. Click on facebook verification email.
15. And to verify your email click on “Click Here” link.
16. Then facebook page will loaded to your facebook setting page
17. Once you loaded that page got to https address bar and change   “www” to “m” again and press “Enter” on your keyboard
18. Chose or click “General” option
19. Click on “Email” option
20. Click on “Primary Email” option
21. Select the email that you would like to make it as a “primary” email   address
22. Type your facebook “Password” in password field That you have been entered before.
23. Click on “Save” or Hit “Save” link or button appears on screen
24. Now check – Your primary email address or id has been changed.
25. Then click on "Primary email"
26. Now, If you want to change or delete or remove old primary email   address from facebook , click on “Remove” link
27. Facebook will ask you to enter password again, then Enter your “password
28. Click or press “Remove Email” link or button

Now, you all set. Thank you!


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